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THE MAGIC BEGINS - Favourite ship: Ron/Hermione & Luna/Neville

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Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realized that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends … friends… friends…”

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#Viktor was obviously deeply in love with her #just remember the fact that he took her to prom #even knowing that he could’ve choose any other girl #remember how he forgot about everyone and danced with her all night #remember how he looked at her while saying ‘write to me, please’ #remember how, a few years later #on Fleur’s wedding #he danced with her one more time #probably being conscient that her heart already belonged to Ron #this is why I love Viktor Krum so much #he just enjoyed being with Hermione #and didn’t care about the future #mostly, because she wasn’t going to be a part of his. (via piertotum-locomottor)


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God I love him.


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and here we have harry potter literally standing on a pile of letters to try and catch one that is still in the air. there are clearly reasons why he doesn’t get sorted into ravenclaw

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“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”

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Me too, kid. Me too. 

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Headcanon: A little before James and Lilly’s wedding, James asked Sirius if he’d organize his bachelor party and Sirius went ‘Don’t you mean your stag party?’ and just literally laughed for about 5 minutes straight until James asked Remus to do it instead 

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Cause everything that you thought i would be,
has fallen apart right in front of you.

Cause everything that you thought i would be,

has fallen apart right in front of you.

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let’s all stop for a minute and thank jk rowling for not making the golden trio a love triangle

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The Magic Begins → #16 Funniest Moment

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 superwholock giveaway! 


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  • doctor who inspired: tardis soap
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  • supernatural inspired: dean + car computer decal
  • sherlock inspired: "I am sher-locked" necklace
  • special surprise
  • letter from me ;)
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